Cisco Phone. Display Name on dialled number


We have a mix of Cisco 7911’s and 7941’s here. When we dial a number it just displays the phone number on screen. When we receive a call we get both name and number. Is it possible to display both name and number on out going calls please?

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Version numbers of the phones firmware, Asterisk and FreePBX.

No possible to answer question without this info.

Cisco Firmware: SIP 8.5.2
Asterisk: 11.3.0
FreePBX: 2.11.0


Turn on RPID and trust RPID in SIP settings and extension.


To do this do i select “yes” under “SIP sendrpid” in the advanced settings?

I can see the settings in the extensions, is there another place to turn this on please?

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I think i have the third one. Do i enable this in my Cisco XML file?


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Sorry i mean should remotePartyID be set to true in the Cisco XML file. Thanks

The entry in advanced settings controls the default for new extensions. Existing extensions will have to be individually updated.