Cisco IP Phone 7841 Firmware Upgrade

Good morning, i finally managed to get these phones configured using OSS Endpoint Manager. The problem that I’m having now is that I would like to upgrade the firmware. Endpoint doesn’t have a firmware upgrade option because of copyrights issue.

So what’s the correct process to get these phones upgraded?

I downloaded the firmware from Cisco, extracted the files into the /tftpboot


I reboot the phones, the config loads but the firmware doesn’t install. Do I need to specify something in the configuration file that points to the new firmware?

Thank you.

I managed to get the firmware upgraded.

You need to modify the configuration template under Endpoint template manager to include the firmware image name.

I just put “sip78xx.10-2-1-12.loads” in that field, saved and rebooted my phone.

At first it didn’t seem like it was doing anything but if you go to phone information and look at last upgrade: it should say upgrade in progress…
When its complete the phone should reboot.

Hi Eric

I was wondering how did you get your phones to work. Mine are stuck on the “Registration in progress” screen.