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Any Cisco Experts out there? I have a Cisco 7975G Phone that I am trying to get working with FreePBX and have not had any success, phone has been factory reset by hitting # and waiting the lights then 123456789*0# and phone attempts to look for for IP but can’t find any TFTP and I can not SSH into the phone. Any ideas? I have successfully used a SPA2102 with FreePBX and have had no issues with that.

When you do that, it is looking for an option 66/option 150 tftp server to download the phone load from. It more than likely has the SCCP code on it and not the SIP code. You can look around for the SIP code online as Cisco doesn’t provide it without support/SmartNet.

Or you can install Chan-SCCP-B and use the native Skinny protocol.

Look for “Chan-SCCP-B FreePBX Setup” on google and you should find my article on the Chan-SCCP-B Wiki.

The article covers the basics, including the TFTP Setup.

Add to above, under phone network settings, change TFTP automatic to manual and under TFTP server IP address give Asterisk server IP address and save settings.

In DHCP, set the options so that the same thing happens when the phone gets its IP address.

That way, you make the changes in one place and can easily manage them remotely, instead of having to sit through configuring each phone by hand.

Folks, thank you all for your help. I believe the phone has issues as I can not even SSH into the phone or use the Web GUI since it was factory reset so it is currently being RMA’ed by the supplier and I will be getting another phone today.

It is a brick when you factory reset it until you follow the steps I provided. Nothing was wrong with the phone.

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morplot - I couldn’t even get into that phone or do anything it - no settings, nothing. Even when they plugged it in on the testers bench, they admitted something was wrong because it would not even connect to the Call Manager they had there for testing - something was really wrong with that phone. I got another phone, but I have not had the time to install it yet.

Yes, when you do the factory reset, you can’t get into the phone. You cannot access settings. You can only get it to work as I described above. I am a CCIE in Collaboration. I know what I am talking about.

Morplot, thank you again for you help, I did get the phone to work with the new phone by setting a Static IP, then setting up the TFTP server and all was fine afterwards.