Cisco Conference

Since upgrading to 2.2.2 (though it very well may be coincidence, and we’re only noticing it now) the conference button on my Cisco 7960 doesn’t work.

When the button is pushed it seems to place the current call on hold, and provides new dial-tone but any number / ext. dialed returns fast busy / reorder.

The caller placed on hold hears silence rather than the MOH.

Conference / 3-way calling works via “flash” on the analogue phones (Zap) - Here the caller on hold does hear MOH.

Freepbx - 2.2.2
Asterisk - 1.2.16
Cisco 7960 - 8.6

I found the answer over in the digium forums.

It’s unrelated to FreePBX.

It would seem the phone, when initiating a conference call wants to use ulaw / alaw. For these extension only g729 was enabled. Once I allowed ulaw / alaw conference functionality via the conference button returned.

I’ve set ‘preferred_codec g729’ in the SIPDefault.cnf so the phone will still use g729 in non-conference situations.