Cisco 9xxx incoming video issue

Long story short, I’ve been using this setup for the last 5 years, no issues. Currently running 13.28.1, all (video capable) endpoints Cisco 9xxx or 8xxx with unified camera.

I recently added a video (H264) EntryPhone, while all video calls work fine from Cisco to Cisco endpoint, I am unable to get Other endpoint (Softphone on mobile or new Entryphone) to Cisco to stream video, its audio only. I can see that the other endpoint is transmitting H264 &G722 but the Cisco is only receiving the audio part.
However if I do Cisco 9971 to Softphone on mobile I do get 2 way Video with H264.

I’m not exactly an expert, to date I’ve simply got what I need to work with the help of existing posts. I assume that I applied the video patch when I was building the PBX but to be honest its been so long I can’t remember.

Could anyone let me know if this is viable and where I maybe missing something.

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