CISCO 8961 IP Phone

Did anyone try to used Cisco 8961 IP Phone with FreePBX before? I encounter some CTLFile.tlv not found when the Cisco 8961 IP Phone start up. Can anyone tell me how to generate the CTLFile.tlv for my Cisco 8961 IP Phone?

You don’t need that file.

But the Cisco 8961 IP phone keep prompt error messages “TFTP Error: CTLFile.tlv” … any suggestion?

But the Cisco 8961 IP phone keep prompt error messages “TFTP Error: CTLFile.tlv” … without the file the Phone cannot connect to FreePBX server…
any suggestion?

You have to provision the phone via tftp so at this point I have no idea what you are doing.

I am also fairly sure these phones only use TCP for SIP transport.

But the Cisco 8961 IP phone keep requesting CTLFile.tlv file from the TFTP server and it doesn’t download configuration file from TFTP!
Do i have anywhere to make the Cisco 8961 IP phone ignore the CTLFile.tlv file and download the configuration file from TFTP server.

That files is used for encrypted voice. It will look for the file, however it is not the source of your problem.

Just double confirm with you, it the CISCO 8961 IP Phone can work with freepbx like CISCO 7960 IP Phone?

Let me try again.

The TLV file is not required. Do you have a valid SEP(MACADD)configuration file?

These phones also do not work with UDP SIP and require TCP transport. This support is in Asterisk 1.6 and later and requires a specific entry in the peer to support TCP. This configuration is not in FreePBX and must be added manually.

I have a SEP(MACADD)modified from the CISCO 7960, it will be okay right?

No a 7960 does not use XML commands. You need to use a 79x1 style config and work forward.

Do you mind to share me the working configuration files? Thanks.

We are having a similar problem using a Cisco 7962 phone. During bootup, the phones is looking for a CTL file even though the phones are not configured for SIPS. Found phone to contain a previously installed LSC Certificate, so I Factory Reset the phone to remove the LSC. Phone status still indicates that it can’t find the CTLfile.tlv.

I downloaded a paper called “Configure Asterisk with Cisco IP Phones” and a SEP(MAC addr.cnf.xml file and am working to customize it for a 7962 config. I plan to up load it to our TFTP server and retest. However, Cisco phones also require additional load, dial plan, ringer and phone setting files. What are are minimal files need to get the Cisco phones register to the Free IPPBX? Any previous lessons learned procedure woulds be great too.


The endpoint manager generates a working config file.

I would not try and build the files by hand.

The phone looks for a tlv file but it is not required.

You do need a dialplan, configuration and the SIP software files at a minimum.

You can find it here:

you should be able to call and receive calls using only the SEP file in your TFTP server.


The Cisco Unified IP Phone 8961 is an higher expert medium endpoint that delivers an enhanced user Testking 350-001 complexity with an easy-to-use and eco-friendly ergonomic design.