Cisco 8961 HELP

Hello, First time here. New to FreePBX but loving and hating it so far, lol. I just received a Cisco 8961 and I’ve been searching for hours, spinning my wheels, on to have the unit still sitting here NOT REGISTERED. Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

You did not give us any details about your setup.

Is there a router between the phone and the PBX?
Are you using ChanSIP or PJSIP?
Which port are you using?
Did you monitor the asterisk logs to see if it even tried to connect?

Lastly, lot’s of people are not happy with the way Cisco phones are working with FreePBX.

Sorry if I was unclear. Yes I’m using a router, but the 8961 is connected directed to a Cisco switch for power etc. Im using ChanSIP. Port 5060. FreePBX 14 from .iso.
Phone just saying, “Not Registered”. I have other Cisco phones connected to the system so I’m familiar with some of the limitations, and I’m OK with that. Just need some help to get this particular model up and running.

Ok, I just got it to connect. But, now you can’t hear anything on either end. Do I need to enable a codec or something?

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