Cisco 8945 working but no video


I have working cisco 8945 with freepbx iso distro, calls are ok and quality is good, only thing is, no video.

i found a discussion here:

Around a necessary (?) patch, well patches one for BLF and the other for video neg. Are these necessary on the current version available, i’m running freepbx 1.817.210.58 disty as i say which is asterisk so do i need to still download source apply patch? How can i find out if a patch for an older version is included in the version i have (make sense to me?)

The other thing is i have no “transfer” button in a call, i’ve deduced this is down to the featurepolicy file or softkeys (some people say not softkeys but my phone certainly looks to the tftp server for it and downloads) however i’m not familiar with if this works for in call keys or not and how? meantime i use ## in call to transfer

Anyone done this or have some bright ideas to assist please?



Re- read my post that you have linked to.

Yes you need to patch asterisk for both BLF and for video. The patches have been unified since the versions for asterisk version 10.6.0 and


My transfer key, 3-way conference key, directory key, voicemail key etc all work great.

Suggest you read both threads from the start. Its all there and it works.


Hi. Please tell me how you configured it for Asterisk!
Many thanks.

R4W, this thread provides two links with instructions.

I suggest you fully read posts and review yours before posting or you won’t get any responses.