Cisco 8861 phones are not displaying Confrn Softkeys


I have configured the Cisco 8861 IP Phones and working fine, but no Confrn soft key is available in the Connected mode. Softkey attached correctly in Template.

Those features don’t work properly without the call manager patch. Have you patched Asterisk with it?

Not in my knowledge, I have been started supporting these servers in a short time. Where can I check either any patch is there?

Is it a kind of rebuild, I have gone through document and understand that server need the installation from the scratch.

No, the server does not need to be rebuilt. Asterisk needs to be recompiled with the patch. Big difference.

Do you have any steps to follow.

No, I don’t use these phones and this is part of the reason.

I use Cisco phones in SCCP mode (not SIP), but I use the Chan-SCCP-B module instead. Not for the faint of heart, but it does give you the full functionality of the phone. It also installs without changes to the base FreePBX installation.

Cisco 8861 supports only SIP Protocol. is all of the supported phones. The SIP-only 88xx series is in there.

I don’t know what else to tell you.

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