Cisco 8851 Can't receive PJSIP incomming calls, but can make

I’m looking for help.
Got a problem with my CP-8851 which is this config here : pastebin . com / 2JQ1gkCq.
I can make internal calls but not receive them (they are redirected directly to my voice mail)
DND isn’t active.
I don’t know what to do…
Any idea ?
You got my logs of Asterisk : pastebin . com / deqmHe6d
Many thanks to whoever will help me

The CP-8851 is telling Asterisk is can’t find the user being called, it’s returning a 404 User Not Found. So a setting, not sure which one it will be, is either missing or incorrect. It looks like the CP-8851 will only accept calls for specified users and it doesn’t seem 1092 is listed. I don’t use these phones so as I said not sure which one it is but this points you in a better direction.

Thanks ! But calls goes directly to voicemail, is it related ?
404 not found makes this behavior ?
When i connect my softphone, all calls works perfectly…
It may be related to CIsco 8851 config ?

Yes, the phone is returning the 404. It is the phone config. It goes to voicemail because of the 404 error.

What do you work on?

Yealink, Polycom, Grandstream, Bria. Basically not phones designed for a specific PBX system like Cisco or Avaya.

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