Cisco 8851 cannot make outgoing calls, SPA525G can

I have tried setting these up with identical parameters. the SPA525G can make calls, the 8851 cannot. When I place a call, even inside the network to another extension on the same network, it does not go through. When I look at the console, it does not show a call attempt even being made. I have a feeling the call is never leaving the 8851 and making its way to the PBX itself since nothing shows up in the PBX console when I make a call from this phone, but something does show up when I make a call from any other extension.

Is there any strange quirkiness on the 8851 I should be aware of that is not a problem on the older SPA525 series?

I can receive calls from inside or outside the network, I just cannot make them, to outside numbers or internal extensions.

I have went through my settings on older phones and newer ones and am totally stumped. we have grandstream 2160 phones as well as spa525g phones that work without issues on the same network.

Thank you!

I am thinking about buying a large amount of Cisco 8851 IP Phones and have understood that they can be provisioned easily into freepbx. When you say that no internal calls work and calls in and out of the network work. Is the audio working both ways and not being disconnected after a period of time?

When dialling inside the network, are there any announcements or sounds that are played? Call connects but no sound? Phone shows that you have entered an internal number but does not show call time going up?


review the Dial Plan section starting on page 69. I believe that the defaults are ‘old school’ e.g. requiring 9 before an outside number. Set them appropriately for your system and you should be good to go.

Right now it cannot do outgoing calls even to internal numbers, only external. And these calls have 1 way audio.

edit - now it doesn’t appear to make outgoing calls even within the network
edit 2 - it just froze trying to do a factory reset… this is junk. a used spa525g for $30 works, this doesn’t for $150. Back it goes.

I’ll see how these sangoma phones are up next.

@thender - I have a Cisco 8841 and a SPA504G and the 8841 was a bit of a pain. I used the 8841’s web interface to get it going and the web interfaces on the SPA504 and 8841 are very different so having a SPA504 first as a reference was not a big help.

Just don’t use Cisco devices unless you want to buy into the entire Cisco ecosystem in the first place.

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