Cisco 8841 On FreePBX - Port Incrementing From 5060

I just setup a Cisco 8841 on our FreePBX installation and noticed that the lines on the phone have incremented port 5060 (we use chan_pjsip).

For example line 1 was set to port 5060 and after configuring the other line extensions (5 total) the phone seems to have incremented line 2 to port 5061, line 3 to port 5062, etc.

The phone model is: 8841-3PCC-K9

I have not noticed this before, or am I missing something?

Well, I thought someone would have some comments or thoughts on this.

Does anyone know of any other phones that increment the port number like this?


More than one extension on the same ip:port behind any gateway (your phone is in effect a voip gateway) is going to be a problem, they all talk to the server on 5060, but the extensions are also whispering to the server which port they can be found at.

I have 4 phones installed for testing:

Cisco SPA504G - 4 extensions configured
Asterisk / Digium A30 - 4 extensions configured
Digium D65 - 4 extensions configured
Cisco 8841 - 5 extensions configured

Using the built-in web interface on all these phones for configuration, It looks like the Cisco phones increment the port numbers after the first extension which is set to 5060. It does not appear that the other Asterisk and Digium phones do this. Should I be incrementing them manually?

That is completely dependent on how the phones do their voip gateway.

Sometimes you need to do that manually, sometimes the phone itself takes care of it. If it works, don’t mess with it, if it doesn’t, mess with it :slight_smile:

Either way sngrep is a very good starting point to see what’s going on.

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