Cisco 7XXX phones works great but something is wrong with the #

Hi There!!
I was able to switch a lot of cisco phones series 79XX to Freepbx with no issues.

They works great but I’m missing something.

For some reason the # after dial a phone number do not performs a dialing procedure. If I press the dial button it dial like a normal sip phone but some is wrong with the #. I’m missing a dial plan at the phone ?

Im using 7906/7940 and 7965 phones, all with sip 9 or 8 from cisco, wit all of them happend the same :wink:

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I know that # is a common “dial now” signal on many phones, but did not know that it was considered standard. Perhaps the Cisco 79xx series just doesn’t do that?

You can set up a dial plan to match the patterns of your extensions or local/regional/national calling area if you don’t want to wait or press the dial key. See

Very thank you bill ! I will ready this note!

Best Regards!

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