Cisco 79x1 Shared Line Presence Busy Lamp Indication

We have 7 or 8 Cisco 7961 and 7971 IP phones throughout the house with three extensions configured to each phone. The first two extensions are to answer incoming calls from the PSTN (two ring groups) and to display on-screen which extension has a voicemail waiting. All of the phones share two voicemail boxes. The third extension is used for paging and intercom. I am running FreePBX V14.0.1.19 with Asterisk V13.18.0 and Gareth’s Cisco Presence Patch applied.

Is it possible to light up the line key buttons (that have an extension registered/configured to them) yellow if any of the other phones in the house goes off-hook, or red if the phone currently has a call connected? I’m not entirely too familiar with VoIP terminology and features, but this sounds like this would be in relation to the busy lamp field “BLF” or shared line appearance “SLA” features of traditional PBXs or Cisco CUCMs.

With my testing on the 7961 at my desk I have a line key configured for BLF to monitor another extension, and it works, but the BLF configuration only monitors a single extension (not multiple), it occupies a line key, and I was hoping to have this work on one (or both) of the extension line keys. From what I’ve been reading, SLA really isn’t supported in Asterisk, so this might not be possible, even with the Cisco presence patch applied. Is any of this really possible?


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