Cisco 79x1 firmware


did anyone manage to get Cisco 7941 or 7961 phone fully working with SIP firmware newer than 8.4.2?

Latest firmware is 9.3.1SR2, and with that one, I manage to register with asterisk, take calls, but soft key Dial is not working. This is also the case with firmares 9.3.1SR1, 9.3.1, 9.2.3, 9.2.1SR2, 8.5.4, 8.5.2.

Any help appreciated.


The commercial EPM supports version 9 firmware.

Hi SkykingOH,

and Dial softkey is working? :slight_smile:


Yes, on the 79x1 and 79x2 not on my damn 9971. that annoys the crap out of me.

Have you tried that config for 9971?

I didn’t check it out myself, will ony start testing 9951 phone in 2 weeks or so.

Any chance you could share working config for 79x1 and separately for 7975? It seems hack-installing endpoint manager and sysadmin will be a risky task in my case (non-FreePBX distro, lots of small tweaks, non-compatible php version, Ioncube, …).

Only safe way I can see is setting up VM and installing Freepbx distro, then sysadmin and endpoint manager. Seems a bit of an overkill just to get a sample of working config. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help,

For the record… nothing was wrong with the Dial softbutton, newer firmwares only work with SIP TCP protocol. So when this was changed in Devices -> Transport, everything suddenly began to work.

Thanks for your support guys, keep up the good work.

Hi All,

I am having problem with my cisco 7941.
it can make out going calls but cannot recieve incoming.
upon checking at asterisk CLI it is not registering.

my cisco 7941 use SEPMAC.cnf.xml (SEPMAC.cnf dont work)
my CISCO 7940 use SEPMAC.cnf (it is registering on asterisk CLI and can make outgoing and able to receive incoming calls)

i set proxy to false because if i set it to true no dial and phone is not functional.

hoping for your reply.

What are the proceedures to upload the firmware to the tftp server?