Cisco 7975g (8.3.3S Sip) Join/RmLCf buttons

Hey guys,

Hoping you can help.

I just moved our business system from Trixbox with Asterisk 1.4.2 to FreePBX with Asterisk 11.

I have two types of phones, 7962’s and 7975’s.

The guy with his name over the door of the building “absolutely needs short of death” the Join button to work and to be able to drop the last caller from an impromptu conference (after having joined two calls together or created a conference on the phone itself.)

I thought this was generally a limitation of Asterisk 1.4. So far in my testing, I get “Feature Not Available.” I was wondering if anyone had a proper 7975 softkeys xml file kicking around with the join and rmlcf working proper on sip firmware?


I haven’t yet but I’m going to, I promise. I’ll post it on my own tech blog and then cross post it everywhere else. There are a lot of typos in the config examples in the Chan_SCCP_b documentation as well so I’ll make certain there are no typos.

Once you complete let me know we can post in our wiki. If you would like to maintain the wiki page that would be all the better.

My understanding is the only way to get this to work is running SCCP.

Than chan_sccp2 project has made major strides. My dream one day is to do an integrated (third party, another project) FreePBX RPM that installs chan_sccp2 and a FreePBX module to manage it on the distro.

Schmooze nor my company will touch this with a ten foot pole for liability reasons but as a personal individual project it would be way cool and is fully covered by the reverse engineering derivatives work provisions of the US Copyright Law.

So enough dreaming, if you want to manage chan_sccp2 by hand (I don’t know if there FreePBX module works with the new Framework), you certainly can enable all this functionality and more including shared line appearances.

You other option is you could get an Aastra 57i for the boss and use the XML scripts that have full conference controls in an XML AP. Just transfer to a private meetme without any sign in and he can add/join/kick and mute people to his hearts content.

So I went ahead and hand-beasted in Chan_SCCP_b V4.1 RC1 from source on my shiny new FreePBX box. My office full of 7975’s with the 9.3.1 SCCP firmware is humming along nicely. The extra features of SCCP make everything SOOOO WORTH IT! Combining the features of asterisk and the features of Cisco phones, it’s really a powerful setup. I’m quite pleased. Thanks much for your advice!!!

Did you try their FreePBX module or configure by hand?

Are you interested in doing a wiki article?

I did everything by hand. I looked at the module and while it is decent for getting the phones to even talk to asterisk, it hijacks a bunch of other config items that you can’t change if you’re managing with the module. It’s much easier to just edit the SQL database directly with the settings I need. The hardest part was setting up the tables in the first place. The Chan_SCCP_b How-To docs are wrought with typos and you have to convert the sql batch files from 5.0 to 5.1 syntax which… I didn’t think was a big deal but because of the encoding of the file, some of the characters are off and MySQL 5.1 loses its biscuits over it.

I’d be happy to write an end-to-end how-to.

I have not even seen the SQL based version, last time I looked was just flat files.

Would be glad to collaborate.

V4.1 RC1 compiles with the MySQL RealTime enabled by default. This is largely the major jump from out-of-the-box over V4 that and it supports Asterisk 11.4.0.

Currently, I have a brilliantly working system that is super fast AND it’s latest version of everything possible including SCCP firmwares for my 7975’s, 7945’s and 7962’s. I couldn’t be more pleased.

I am in the same situation. Tons of 7960g and 7975g phones. I want to run sccp sooo badly. Have you created that config guide by any chance?

Hi Vexamus, that’s great! What is the URL to your blog?

Is there anything documented on how to install the Cisco 7975g.

Thank you