Cisco 7975 SCCP and ring groups

To whom it may concern:

I am currently playing with a mixed SCCP Cisco and SIP configuration. Thanks to the help of Dave I was able to get those phones functional with chan_sccp_b. I am now trying to get the IVR and ring groups to work correctly. I see a definition in sccp_extensions.conf that refers to the call group and pickup group, as an integer. How does that integer correlate with any ring groups configured in the FreePBX GUI?


After some more playing, it seems like maybe it’s as simple as the numeric order in which they are created in the GUI? I haven’t found any config file as of yet but I’ll leave this out here if nothing else for anyone else to find in the future.

Ring groups are for inbound. You include the SCCP phones in a ring group the same way you do the SIP phones - by extension.

Pickup groups are for answering phones that are ringing. DAHDI, SIP, and SCCP all use the same scheme - numbers assigned to the extension that place the phones in the same “allowed to answer” group.

As far as IVR and other things go - the phones are addressed by extension, so if your extensions are working, you should be able to do with them whatever you can do with the SIP phones.

Right, I was more referencing the sccp_extensions.conf


where I was trying to find the correlation of that integer with the list of ring groups inside the freepbx GUI, “Applications -> Ring Groups”

As of now, I defined two groups, put extensions in that first group and they ring. This morning I was going to make sure the theory was correct by putting another cisco phone in call group 2, and seeing if the second ring group in the list rings that phone.


Which as of now, seems correct. Integers seem to match the order of the ring group list.

There isn’t any. They are completely different things and completely unrelated.

If an extension is in pickup group 1, it can pick up phones in callgroup 1 using the gpickup softbutton (may be in the “more” section of the softbuttons.

These call groups and pickup groups are the same across the entire Asterisk enterprise. That it works is just a cool coincidence.

Hah, well then that explains it. I probably won’t be bothering with ring groups anyway, queues seem to make more sense in the long run, coupled with an IVR. At some point soon I’ll have to consider the security implications of these things over a WAN. That’s another post, thanks Dave.