Cisco 7970 Speed Dial, No Sound and MWI


Firstly i would like to thank everyone that contributes to this forum and Wiki and all others on Asterisk matters. I am very new to this and you have been a great help.

I have an Asterisk 1.8 server running very sucessfully with Cisco 7970 phones connected. All working great.

I have a few issues i thought someone here might be able to help me with.

  1. And the most annoying and important. I have a sipgate hard line account which i access by dialing 9. Perfect works great when i set a speed dial on the right of the cisco phone to ring out of this number the phone looks like its working but no audio. then the screen displays connected and ticking clock. no audio. if i hang up and imediatly press the exact same speed dial the phone works perfectly, sound conversation everything.
    This doesnt however occur if i use the Speed Dial to ring an internal extension.

  2. I cannot get the MWI ont he phones handset to work atall. They come on when theres an incomming call as you would expect but activating them when there is a new voicemail is proving impossible. Could someone talk mt through there settings on how to get this working.

Thanks You to all