Cisco 7970 not Registered in Freepbx, but can call outbound, but no Inbound DND mode

Configuration settings::
Dahdi 2.5.0

I have 2 different types of Sip telephones.
The cisco 7960 and the 7970, cisco 7960 works like a charm but the cisco 7970 seems to be a more difficult.

I have the latest SIP 9-2.1S firmware installed and my mac.cnf.XML seems working accept that i cant recieve calls internal or external. Its like that my phone line is BUSY/Occupied

There 2 thing that i have noticed.

  1. It is not registered in freepbx (like its hidden orso)
  2. The DND “Do Not Disturb” is active after booting

How do i switch the DND off ?? The in my *.cnf.xml is set to "0"
There is No menu button in the Cisco Settings menu to edit, only the DND button on the main screen.

Is there a setting that Freepbx see, that my telephone is registered.

To make things more clear i have posted my *.cnf.xml configuration setting.

Any Ideas or Tips would be Helpfull !

Thank You.