Cisco 7970 in constant Loop

I have just received a Cisco7970 and I am wanting to upgrade to latest SIP Firmware to run on FreePBX. The phone is in a constant loop booting. It appears that it boots to the point where it gets a address from my DHCP server then restarts the process. I believe I have successfuly got my firmware files in my TFTP directory on my Asterisk server.

Question, How do I tell the 7970 where to look for the firmware?
On my 7960’s I simply get into the config menu of the phone and type in the TFTP address, but the 7970 never gets to the “main screen” where I can press the Setting s button. Please help

I will look into that.
Is it part of Asterisk or Free PBX?
Is this already installed or do I need to install and config?

now I am not sure how to configure server for option 66
(I also have another DHCP server so I will need to ask if this can be made to only provide addresses to IP Phone devices.

It’s not FreePBX or Asterisk, it’s CentOS Linux:

You have to use Option 66 in DHCP to send the boot server address.

You should also use the Endpoint Manager to write your configs.

Lastly, the latest Cisco Firmware (version 9) requires much patching to work with Asterisk. FreePBX doesn’t care what kind of phone you have <>

I am using DHCP from a Router and I believe that it does not have the option. Can you suggest a nother way to point phone to tftp? If not, can you recommend a Windows based DHCP server that I can run on a windows PC to have the phone know where to point to?


Use the DHCP server on your FreePBX server

Thank You!
I was successful in loading configuring and starting the DHCP server. My phone did grab the files needed and is now in SIP mode.

Will try configuring phone now.

Any ideas or suggestions you can throw my way would be GREATLY appreciated in getting config completed with as many features active as possible on this 7970.

I would use the endpoint manager to generate the config.

You can then edit the template.

You can take that phone pretty far. Asterisk has a patch to add the special BLF functionality for the Cisco SIP, you would have to patch and build/maintain Asterisk from source.

Many parties have written xml applications for the phones. Use your phone system as a web/DB server to host them.

Hmmmm. . .
Set up Extension
Used Endpoint Manager to Set up
Now phone says can not find SEP.cnf.xml file
Checked in Asterisk TFTPBoot folder and not there
Phone now set to static pointing to TFTP server adress etc.

Also I do not see a Cisco 7970 option for Model in endpoint configuration manager?
All I see under Cisco SIP 79x0 models is 7960 (Which I have up and running)
Could this be my issue?
If so Where do I need to go (what to I need to do) to get this resolved?

Thanks again for your GREAT help

Ok Here are some updates on my issue.
The phone still states Unprovisioned, however it was able to pull in my custom ringers etc. On the phone it’s self it states No Trust List Installed and then shows my SEP-mac-.cnf.xml file

Any ideas as to what I do not have configured correctly?

7970 and 7971 use the same config.

Do you know what it means when the phone status has errors stating that there is NO Trust Installed?

Regarding other reply, My asterisk has 7960 in its list, but not 7970 or 7971 (if that was what you were referring to.

No trust list means that the phone is unable to download a CTL (certificate trust list). Without going into needless detail, as you are not using Cisco UCM, but rather Asterisk/FPBX its nothing to worry about and it won’t impact the phone performance or functionality.

Thanks for the reply. However, my phone still shows unprovisioned and will not function on my FreePBX server. Do you have any ideas as to why this would be?

This may require another and different thread, but I also have a 7971G that I factory reset. I have firmware that appears to be good for 7970 as well as 7971, but when it tries to download the software, it comes up with a fault error.

Lastly. In my FreePBX server under the EndPoint Configuration Manager, when I pull up the Show/Hide Models / Brands it does not have a listing for the 7970 or the 7971 just the 7960 which I have some working. Any ideas on that

I appreciate any comments / suggestions / or tips

Trying to auto provision Cisco 7971 via EPM, Founds ok and submit with new extension, but in the tftpboot folder it creates a SIP$MAC flat file not the XML style file beginning with SEP%MAC.cnf.

Anyone know where its confused and how to direct it to the correct template?

EPM wont create the xml style files that a 7970 needs. You need to manually create the xml style file.

…and Im still waiting on any sort of Cisco XML file. Nothing has ever been sent to my email.

I PM’d it to ya on 14 July. Tis sitting there in my sent items…

Never ever PM me here. this site is horrible. I get no PM notifications nor do I know how to look at them.