Cisco 7961 on patched Asterisk 11: cannot make BLF working

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Hi all!
After a dozen nights passed to read forum posts, make tests, trying to figure out and crying, I decided to ask for a community help here…
I bought a lot of cisco phones (yes I know, it’s not a good choice, but it’s too late) for my future home (still in building).
I’ll need a phone system for different purposes: internal communications, door phone system, remote office working.

I’ve patched the Asterisk 11.20.0 of a clean FreePBX 10.13.66 installation with the cisco-usecallmanager patch found here.

After that, I read this useful closed topic, confirmed what I knew and learned something new (7914 now works like a charm, and I have to say “thanks to all”!).

A specific information about BLF is in this post:

I have:
1x Cisco 7961 + 7915 (connected for test)
1x Cisco 7960 (connected for test)
12x Cisco 7912 (only one connected for test)

The 7961 is configured with the “USECALLMANAGER” way, so it connect in TCP mode.
The “Line button” parameters for the speed dial has “1”

On the “Astersik SIP Settings” -> “Chan SIP Settings” -> “Other SIP Settings” of FreePBX I entered:

  • tcpenable = yes
  • transport = tcp
    Asterisk is listening on tcp:5060 as netstat reports.

I can’t see any BLF working.

I suppose it is an Asterisk configuration issue… I’m not so skilled about Asterisk advanced configurations.
I pasted the “spyda” code into my extensiosn_custom.conf, but I can’t understand the meaning for

Can somebody help me in make BLF working?
A good starting point could be help me understanding the “pickup groups tagging” for BLF purposes.

Thank you in advance!

Obligatory plug - chan-sccp-b supports all of your phones in Skinny mode and allows of the features of the phone (even the ones not enabled using the SIP image) to work.

I wrote some instructions about installing chan-sccp-b a couple of years ago, and I used them three weeks ago to install another new system.

I started writing a FreePBX management module for chan-sccp-b at one point, but got jammed up in the conversion to the new Asterisk. Note that the module still works with both a static config file and with the MySQL-database connections.

Rather than making changes to your FreePBX code, I’d recommend using Chan-SCCP-B and not modify your basic system. This way, you don’t lock yourself out of the updates that come to the system every couple of months.

Just saying - my phones work reliably right out of the box every time and I don’t have to mess with the base install of FreePBX.

Hi, thank you for your reply!
That’s not the thing I was expecting to do but… Let’s try!
The only problem is my Cisco fw are SIP and not SCCP. Do I have to convert my phones to SCCP?

Actually, you “unconvert” them. They are natively SCCP phones.

The place where you are getting your SIP images should have the Skinny images as well.

You’re looking for files lie P00308000600*

There are lots of places out in the wild, wild, web that have the right load files.

Perfect, thank you for this wonderful starting point, I realized I was on the wrong way.
Tomorrow I’ll search for the correct firmware and start from zero.
How about configuring phones? Is the provisioning file the same as SIP?
Where can I find your guide?

Thank you so much for this precious support! is a good place to start.

The guide is at “ FreePBX”

If you run into any problems, PM me.

Thank you so much, Dave! I’ll come back for good news and for setting as “[solved]” the title of this post! :wink: