Cisco 7960G - SCCP VS. SIP


I am about to order some Cisco 7960G phones for our offices (10 phones) and they are giving me the option to have SCCP or SIP installed. Which should I pick for my FreePBX phone network?

Thank you!

SIP of course, but why 20 year old phones that support almost 0 xml features of freepbx? Even at free they are almost a non starter for a modern pbx environment. 10 years ago they were still pretty great. Now, they are about as outdated as anything freepbx supports. Just saying.

Wow didnt realize that. I am looking for cheap Cisco phones. They were 150$ for 10 with handsets and everything needed. Do you recommend any cheap business grade Cisco POE phone?

Do they have to be cisco? They may not be $10 per phone, but I would choose models from the list of supported devices here: