Cisco 7960 and FreePBX

Hi everyone. I’m just after some help with some Cisco 7960’s. I’ve managed to set two 7960’s up with SIP and they both work fine on a DSL connection, but they are both setup remotely away from the server. 5060 udp is forwarded through the NAT, and one 7960 can make and receive calls, but the other cannot receive, only make. Is there anything special I need to do to have two phones both remotely connecting to the server?

That would depend on your router setup, if both endpoints are trying to register on the same address with the same port to your asterisk server , it basically won’t work and exhibit what you are seeing, this is not an asterisk/freepbx problem, it is a network problem.

And multiple at one location talking to the server at another location…

They will not work unless I have the following set in thier config file:

nat_enable: "1"
nat_address: “”

So what you’re saying is that each phone needs to be assigned a different port?