Cisco 7960/7940 and Queue Status - XML help

There is lots of information out there about folks trying to get a BLF or some other method for users of Cisco phones to be able to easily see if they are currently logged in to a queue (users often ask “How do I know I am logged in if I forget?”). I have yet to find a clear, well-documented way to have a Cisco 7941/7961 phone light one of the line buttons when a user is logged onto a queue.

Having said that, it’s a bit of a moot point, as we are still running the older 7940/7960, which have line buttons that do not light. However, I would still like a good way to indicate to the user that they are logged in, and the best idea I have come up with is a PHP script that is tied to the “Services” button via the “services_url” configuration option.

Basically, I would be looking for a PHP script that queries the status of a hint (or something similar) and then creates the XML that would cause the phone to show that status whenever you press the services button.

Before I go and try to piece this together myself, has anyone already invented this wheel?


PS: If there is a good way to have the 7941/7961 light a line appearance, please do say, I’ll likely upgrade all of my phones, given that they only cost about $35 on eBay at this point.