Cisco 7960: 2 extensions on 1 phone

Hi All,
Newbie here. I have my first AsteriskNow installation up and running with Cisco 7960 6 line phones. I tried setting up one phone as 2 extensions (224,225). I have setup the extensions in the PBX and configured Line 1 as 224 and Line 2 as 225. Only Line 1 registers on the PBX and on the phone. Does anyone have any insights as to how to accomplish this?


So in the sccp.conf file …

type = 7960
autologin = 202,2020,2021 <-- this is how you login more then one ext.
description = Phone7960
keepalive = 60
transfer = on
park = on
cfwdall = on
cfwdbusy = on
dtmfmode = outband
imageversion = P00308000500
dnd = on
trustphoneip = no
private = on
mwilamp = on
mwioncall = on
device =>

I’ll give it a try and post my results

How about some details as tearl42’s info might be good or totally useless.

Are you using the phones in SIP or SCCP (skinny) protocol. If it’s SIP then his into will not work. (what version of firmware, etc).

Please remember when asking for help details are king otherwise you’ll get random guesses or be ignored due to lack of useful information needed to help.

As a newbie, I was totally unaware of the SCCP protocol. Yes, only using SIP right now, taking my baby steps. So I don’t want to change the protocols until I understand my AsteriskNow install more fully.

If you have info on how to set the 2 extensions on the Cisco 7960 using SIP that would be great. This is
AsteriskNow v1.5
Cisco 7960: P0S-08-8-00


There is a bunch of info at search for 7960.