Cisco 7945G Wont Register

I bought some cisco 7945G sets, unfortunately they wont register with the server, ive used both end point manager as well as hand written config files, the phones debug shows its sending a request to the server but nothing ever happens, my mitel sets and softphones work fine

I’ve Checked

  • NAT is OFF
  • Password less then 8 char
  • SIP and not PJSIP
  • Not a firewall issue

The phones are running the latest cisco SIP firmware and i can access the web gui.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Not a cisco expert, but some of those legacy devices have sip secret length restrictions. If you are using FreePBX generated secrets, try cutting them shorter.

Hello Lorne,
I have tried several lengths both being under 8 characters as suggested in other posts

Good news, was a password issue. i set it to blank and my phone registered
ill play around a bit

In other warnings: these short passwords are the number 1 reason I always use them in Skinny mode. There are more: lots more, but that is the number 1. They make your extensions ridiculously easy to hack and open your machine up to toll-fraud.

As always, I recommend using the Wiki that I wrote for using Chan-SCCP-B (the one from GitHub) and install then in native SCCP mode. The choice is entirely up to you, so if you decide to go with the “less crippled” software version for the phone (the Skinny software) it also avoids the “Asterisk patch” issues that you’ll eventually run into.

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Hello, I’ve been playing around with Chan-Sccpb

One small issue
I’ve set a custom keyset How ever when a user picks up the handset to dial there isn’t a dial soft key , but when they dial with the handset on hook there is, when I use the default keyset this issue doesn’t occur

Any advice

FIXED I just made a new keyset

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