Cisco 7942G not registering

Hi all,

I’ve been having some issues getting my two 7942G’s registering. I’ve gotten to the part where it says “registering” at the bottom but I cannot get past that. Nothing seems to be wrong in the config file, and everything looks right to me. Anything that I can try to fix it?

What appears in the Asterisk log when the phone attempts to register?

If nothing, run sngrep and report what appears there.

If nothing, run tcpdump and report any traffic seen from the phone’s IP address.

If nothing, capture traffic at the phone and report what, if anything, it is attempting to send. See

If nothing, post the config file, along with details about your network, including LAN IP addresses of phones and PBX, anything other than dumb switches between them, any VLANs, etc.

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tcpdump -nn -vv port 5060 

where 5060 is the port you expect, make sure you see the host and check the protocol.

The port I’m using is 5160, should I change it to 5060?

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