Cisco 7941g firmware/configuration issue

We have FreePBX running mostly with Cisco 7940’s and all are ok, I can factory reset any of these devices and they will pick up the config and restart as expected. However, I have just purchased 2 7941g’s and they just keep rebooting and reporting an error (which I can’t see as the screen flicks off too quickly).

We use OSS Endpoint to configure these phones and have updated the firmware version hosted on the tftp server. I am not sure how I can troubleshoot this and could do with a pointer in the right direction to see where the issue lies. Is there a particular log file I should be looking at?



looking at the /var/log/messages file on the PBX i see an entry:
Jul 4 11:32:36 TARDIS in.tftpd[10205]: RRQ from filename term41.default.loads
Jul 4 11:32:37 TARDIS in.tftpd[10206]: RRQ from filename term41.default.loads

The IP address in this line corresponds to the new 7941G I am trying to configure. I have not come across the term41.default.loads file before, but it’s not in my tftpboot folder.

It is included in the firmware package.

…In that case we have a very old firmware package and no way to get a new one it seems. The file isn’t there on our tftp server and the firmware was copied from our old Asterisk 1.2 PBX when we moved over to Freepbx.

I assumed that when we enabled the device in OSS endpoint manager that that would get any firmware updates, but this is clearly not he case :(.

Where can I gett he firmware updates from?


Cisco firmware is copyrighted. It can’t be distributed with EPM.

These models are end of life/sales and support not that I am condoning copyright violations but a quick Google should get you what you want.