Cisco 7941, RPID & Cal Pickup


I have enabled RPID as per this post -

It works fine, but since then call pickup doesn’t work for internal calls. When we dial *8 you are connected for 5 - 10 seconds and then the person who has dialled *8 is hung up. The original callers session is still active.

If i disable RPID on the extension it works just fine.

If i use softphones everything seems ok.

Cisco Firmware: SIP 8.5.2
Asterisk: 11.3.0
FreePBX: 2.11.0

Any ideas please?


Where do i get that please?

Can you post a log of the call?

Thought it would update on this. If i switched to TCP it resolves the issue. I couldn’t get TCP to work with v8.5 firmware so used v9.3 and it worked first time.