Cisco 7940 not configruing both line keys in EPM

I am using end point manager with the Cisco 7940 phone. I set all line keys and extensions to use account 1. The Sip$mac file that is generated will not put the same line on both line keys… I can manually add the line, but this defeats the purpose of why I purchased the module. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Known issue:

So I assume there is no fix at this time and I should program them manually…
I tried the OSS Endpoint manager but could not figure out where it pulls the display name field from,so it was always blank in the sip$mac.cnf.
Any other ideas on how to manage these 7940’s or are they just too old??

If you edit the basefile for the template, you can change the other line details to match the variables used for line 1.

Ok I thought about doing that. That baseline file editor is confusing and scary lol

And one more quick ? do you a an example of your baseline i can look at and does the UA field need to filled in and if so what is the entry… Everytime I edit a field it drops to the bottom and turns red. So I know that it is not saving.