Cisco 7940 MWI status only changes on reload

I seem to be having a problem with my MWI light only updating it’s status when I reload settings in Freepbx. Is there anything I can do to fix this? A few google results suggested changing pollmailboxes to yes and setting pollfreq to 30, but these changes have not made any difference for me so far.

I had this issue -

Open the extension config page and under “mailbox”, it should read xxx@default (xxx being the user extension)
I found a few extensions where it read xxx@device, which were the extensions having the issue you describe. Once that was changed, MWI worked perfectly.

I actually ended up solving it by installing a stable version of freepbx. I was using an SVN version installed by freedoh which was having issues. The method that stevewerth described I tried in my version of freedoh but didn’t fix the problem, it only let the light come on when I reloaded or restarted astersik.