Cisco 7940 IP Phone Won't Take Config


I have a Cisco 7940 (not the global version) IP Phone that will not take the configuration when I hit “submit” and “apply config” from FreePBX. I set up the extension, and had to go into the shell to actually get the phone to take the new extension. The TFTP on the phone is set to the IP of the PBX. After going into the shell, the phone now has taken the new configuration for the extension but the problem I am now dealing with is setting up an inbound route. I am very new to this, and don’t know how to set this up through the shell. I set it up on freepbx, had the user manually reboot the phone after I hit apply/submit config and the phone still will not accept inbound calls. I dial it and it says: we’re sorry your call can not be completed at this time, please hang up and try your call again later. Thank you.

Can anyone please assist me in this? It is very frustrating and I am unable to figure it out on my own with google.

From your message I can’t figure out what you are doing.

If the phone tftp server set to ip of system, tftp is running and the config files are in the /tftpboot directory the phone should pull them. What does the log say?

Did you install the FreePBX end point manager?

What version of FreePBX and is your system a distribution or built from scratch?

Need versions of all FreePBX, Asterisk and Distro if applicable.

For cisco phone configurations please tell me.

I am ready for it.

Thanks & Regards

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