Cisco 7940 Hold & Transfer buttons

My Cisco 7940 has been working fine for some time but I think I must have changed something to cause the following. If anyone has any ideas why the following could be happening please let me know!

On incoming calls when I press the hold button the phone places the call on hold but music on hold is not played to the caller - the Asterisk CLI doesn’t mention anything about music on hold. Also, the conf and transfer buttons on the phone do nothing when pressed. The buttons work on outbound calls.

Any help would be appreciated.



You should really post more information regarding what you are running and how you inititally had the phone configured.

Based on what you stated you probably made an error in your config files for your Cisco. Backups??

Until you get the buttons fixed, you should be able to use the * codes in FreePBX to do what you need to do.

You can also follow the link below or google.


Thanks for your reply; I’ve had a look at the thread you posted. I did think that this may be related to the Cisco config; I’ve tried my original config file and I’m still having the same issue. I can only think that it must be something that I’ve changed on the server end. Can you think of anything that I could have changed to cause this to happen? Music on hold is working fine for other extensions and works fine if I connect using a softphone?


You are still not posting enough information for me or anybody else to work with.

You have a 7940 - What firmware are you using?
What platform are you using?
What were the earlier changes that you made?

Regarding Music On Hold. Since other extensions work fine this points back to your telephone config files.

Are you able to use the * codes to transfer? If yes, server is probably ok.

Can you post your Cisco config information?

Hello have 5 Cisco 7940 on a trixbox receive a call i.e on ext. 101 pick it up, than press TRansfer to 102, caller hear the music, ext. 102 see an incoming call from 101, picks it up can talk with 101. As soon 101 hangs up the outside caller is permantly in the hold and hear music but i cant get them back

WHat is that