Cisco 7911G upgrade

This is potentially a @Cisco@ issue rather than 7911 specific.
And I’m hoping someone has an obvious solution for me.
I have what appears to be a valid config file.
I have TFTP setup
The phone sits on registering forever.

In the TFTP logs I see over and over again:
07:47:06 server in.tftpd[24529]: RRQ from filename CTLSEP.tlv
07:47:06 server in.tftpd[24530]: RRQ from filename SEP.cnf.xml
07:47:12 server in.tftpd[24531]: RRQ from filename SIP11.9-3-1SR3-1S.loads
07:47:26 server in.tftpd[24534]: RRQ from filename CTLSEP.tlv
07:47:26 server in.tftpd[24535]: RRQ from filename SEP.cnf.xml

The phone web interface shows:
App Load ID jar11sccp.8-3-2SR1.sbn
Boot Load ID tnp11.3-0-1-32.bin
Version SCCP11.8-3-2SR1S
Hardware Revision 7.1

So it looks to me like it never does the firmware update
(also, the date is stuck in 2007)
Debug shows:
04:20:44 31: Name=SEP Load= SCCP11.8-3-2SR1S File Auth Fail: SIP11.9-3-1SR3-1S
04:20:44 25: Name=SEP Load= SCCP11.8-3-2SR1S Last=Initialized

Can anyone point me at anything that might address this?