Cisco 7911g Registeration

Hola, all
I have a Cisco 7911 ip phone and i convert its sccp into sip and the frimware ver. is SIP11.8-4-1S and all is fine.
What i need now is how to connect this phone to my asterisk box ???
i make some of SEPA8B1D41EEC3A.cnf.xml file and the phone can go to the tftp server and make a connection and download this file and dialplan.xml file too.
so after that the phone is still displaying in its LCD “Registering” for a long time after this message is displays "Your current options"
so, the phone is not registered to my asterisk box.
please help…

I know it’s a “little” late, but maybe someone else would like to use it email me, and i’ll send You working config file.

And please - before You do write me an email remember one thing - I offer help and help only - if You wont make any effort to solve a problem on Your own, why would I solve it?

So emails like this one:

I saw your post in the FreePBX forum, and have a cisco 7911-g that I want to hook up to my FreePBX box.”

Will be ignored!