Cisco 7841 Line Presence BLF and Forwarding

Hi Guys,

I’ve searched high and low for answers to this and i’m guessing it hasn’t been solved however hoping it has. Most of the posts i see on this topic are dated nothing more recent than 2012. So hopefully some progress has been made. basically I want to configure line buttons as speed dials with line presence (BLF) and also forwarding capability. All i’ve been able to do is get the speed dial configured which when i press it, dials the extension configured. I don’t seem to be able to use them to transfer calls to however i think that is an issue with the phone design itself because as soon as i hit transfer all my line buttons dissapear. Ive read that this is possile using skinny protoco (line presence/BLF) however these phones i believe only support SIP firmware, Is there a comprehensive guide as to how much functionality a cisco phone can support on Asterisk.