Cisco 6851 with EPM

(Rob Alexander) #1

Followed all the steps here: Cisco 6851 3PCC (Third Party Call Control) - not working at all. Any ideas on what to do next? That post is all I have as far as a clue.

(Dave Burgess) #2

Logs will come in really handy for this. Also “isn’t working at all” isn’t a problem description. What isn’t it doing at all? There are several phases in the life of these processes (hooking up and getting working), so being a little more descriptive about what you are trying to do and what is and isn’t actually working would be a big help.

In the mean time, double check your work and make sure that all of the edits you made make sense. Double check to make sure that you’re connecting to the right port (chan_sip/PJ_SIP) as well as making sure you’re firmware version is correct.

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