Cisco 504G or 303g program key to dial 9 then allow manual dial afterwards

Hello again everybody,

I setup freepbx to use a specific caller ID when a phone user dials 9 before the 10 digit number. If the user does not dial 9 then it defaults to another caller ID. I plan on having more of these prefixes in the future too.

What I want to do is to program a key on the phone, like a speed dial that allows for manually entering more digits after you hit the key. eg. The user would hit the button, which puts a 9 in, then the user can continue to dial the 10 digit number, thus not having to worry about hitting 9, just the specific programmable key.

Is there anyway to program a key on one of these 504G or 303G phones to not terminate the speed dial upon hitting the key?

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Some combination of pause options should work

So are you thinking of something like below, because unfortunately anything with fnc=sd… terminates that sequence of digits.

fnc=sd;[email protected]

This this would do something like 9# and error out.

sd means speed dial. are you sure you want that, it might collide with your other outbound dialstrings, I suggest you delete it.

Yep I realize that, so what I want to happen is to hit a programmed key, that all it does is enter 9, then the user is allows to complete the phone number, not sure how else to program the key on the phone to do that.

surely you just need to select a line and dial what you want, or am I missing something here?

If you are confused by the default behaviour of freepbx outbound route to need a prepended 9, then just change that behaviour . . . .

FreePBX has always been designed to mimic a PBXm 9+dialstring is that behavior, if you don’t want that then just change it in FreePBX

He wants to use a speed dial to select an alt outbound CID. Read the question guys.

While I would program another line appearance the programmable key is an option. In the same manner as you would program a xfer to vm key you can do a stop dial in a dial string.


Yes exactly. These guys are used to a key system, thus this kind of mimics that, by selecting another “line”, or outbound callerID in this instance when you enter a dial prefix first.

So you would think putting a stop-dial in a speed dial string would do the trick? What is the stop dial command in asterisk?

Thanks, and sorry for the earlier misunderstanding.


It’s not Asterisk, it’s the dial plan in the phone. Try the different options from the document I sent. Dial plan variables should be applicable to speed dials.

When all else fails read the admin manual. I have never done this so I can’t tell you exactly how. I know that you can program a xfer to VM key and that is essentially the same thing.