I am a new Free PBX user and love it so far! The first issue I am dealing with is CID. This is probably something stupid on my part. CID does not show up when any call comes into any of the extensions currently on my system. Not sure if it something I need to do in the Free PBX platform or if the issue is in the ATA’s that I am using at customer sites. I am using a asterisk server for the PBX and Cisco SPA112’s at the customer sites. Has anyone had the same issues or know how to resolve this problem? I talked to the carrier for the DID’s and they said to turn on CNAM for the DID’s. So I did and this did not fix the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

First, welcome to the forum.

This is not the way to ask for help. You did not say anything about your versions or system configuration so nobody will help you.

My other point is you are using FreePBX in a commercial environment to resell service to your “customers” and you don’t have your system configured right. What about all of the legal requirements for e911, CALEA and collecting USF funds?

For full disclosure I am the CTO of a regional provider and it completely irks me when people just toss a distribution on the net and call themselves a phone company.

That functionality comes from the SIP trunk provider.
You can use 3rd party apps with FreePBX to do your dips, but out of the box it will display the caller ID, so it’s probably an issue with the SIP trunk.

Thanks for the post. I did figure out the problem. Have a great day