CID to the external incoming caller is changing to our internal extension after transfer we transfer the incoming call

Hello ,

We have a problem with the CID (a caller to us sees) which changes at the external party after we transfer the incoming call to us.
We use the Distro 14, but I think this also happens on version 13.

In the trunk we use:
trustrpid=yes and sendrpid=yes This is for sending different outbound CIDs from different departments. This works ok.

But if an external party calls us, they will see our external number. If we transfer this caller to another internal extension of ours, than the external party display suddenly changes from our external CID to our internal extensions number and name.
If we transfer to a external Mobile number, than the external party suddenly sees the mobile number we have transfered to. So external calling party’s suddenly have our CEO’s mobile number, if we transfer them to our CEO.

The name is no problem, but we do not want to send our internal extension number/Mobile numbers to the caller.

We have tried a dozen changes which among: External CID in the extension.

If trunk > sendrpid=no, than it works, but we are not able to adjust outbound CIDs for other departments.

This is realy head breaking for us. I hope anyone can clear this.

Many thanks for any help on this issue.

Can you set up two trunks (using the same provider account), one for incoming with sendrpid=no and one for outgoing with sendrpid=yes?

Or, can you have sendrpid=no but put the outbound caller ID in the From header (if provider supports this)?

If the above is not relevant or feasible, please provide details:

Type of trunk (SIP, PRI, etc.)? How connected? Provider? Other providers on system?

Are you using re-invites? If not, how/when is the new CID being sent on the incoming leg?

Is this effect seen by all or most incoming callers, even calls from mobiles?

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