CID Superfecta

I’m trying to update a rather old version of freepbx and getting stuck at the phonebook setup.
I installed CID Superfecta and want it to pull from the phonebook (as it is setup by default). From what I understand the phonebook module no longer exists and is now the Contact Manager.

Can the Contact Manager be used the same way the phonebook module used to be? If so, how it is setup?

Basically can it be used with CID Superfecta, to pull out the “name” info?


Go to CID Superfecta configuration and enable FreePBX Contactmanager source

Thanks but unless I’m missing something it’s not working.

Contact Manager is first in the list of CID Superfecta sources. I then go to the contact manager and add a person in the external tab. Enter a first name and phone number (Cell) then test, and I see the phone number in CALLERID(name) field.

Never mind had to enable it the inbound route…

Yes… That is a tricky one. You not only need to create the scheme but you also have to enable it on the inbound route.

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