CID Superfecta: Why Superfecta Cache before Trunk Provided?

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In the CID Superfecta Default scheme, Superfecta Cache takes precedence over Trunk Provided. It seems to me that a live CNAM (Trunk Provided) for CID X should take precedence over a cached CNAM for CID X. I’m thinking of changing the order of precedence but wanted to ask first whether I’m missing something here.


The cache will be the fastest source and decreases the need to continue to pay for CNAM lookups (often superior to the trunk provided data) which will save money or the cache limits hits to an LDAP or Google Contacts database. Its presumed the trunk provided CNAM is the least accurate compared to a paid or internal data source, so you would cache that above the trunk provided information.

You are not missing anything. If you prefer to use the trunk provided in favor of whatever is cached, then reorder them.

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You’re right: the cache serves two purposes:
1 Reduce lookup times
2 Avoid repeated paid lookups for the same CID

In the case of the Default scheme, though, there are no paid lookups. On the first call from CID X, assume the trunk provides CNAM, so we cache that and return. On the second call from CID X, if the trunk provides CNAM, shouldn’t we prefer that live CNAM to what we stored from the trunk on the first call?

NOTE: Trunk Provided does not involve any lookup – lookup time is zero.

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