CID Superfecta using google contacts: needs to be removed or reworked

I had pretty much assumed that this code was old, legacy and ignored and should therefore be removed from the distribution (and I wrote it!), following Google ID lookup for FreePBX . However, I spontaneously received an email from a user asking about it, and further search revealed a couple of other users asking about it. So, I spent a little time looking in detail at the issue. The upshot is this: in order for the “app” to be verified as allowed to authorise, the following is necessary:

  1. It must be associated with one or more domains that are owned by the google account which manages the authentication.

  2. One of those domains must host a page showing the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for this specific usage (“When you use your Google contacts for CID, your data will bet stored on the server which is running your FreePbX only …”)

  3. The “consent screen” needs an appropriate logo - the FreePBX one I guess.

  4. It may also be that the requests for contacts have to come from that domain, but that is not clear from the text on the verification screen.

Therefore, I can see two routes from here:


This CID option is “taken under the wing” of FreePBX and 1, 2, and 3, are resolved because it would be changed to be a FreePBX account which was used, a couple of pages were put up on a freepbx website, and it would then be appropriate to put the logo on the consent screen.

Point 4 may (or may not) require work, but it is not clear to me how we can determine that without the previous change.

Currently it uses my personal, free, Google account to “host” the requests. In case you have used it and are worried: I cannot see your requests, I was simply making my free allocation of lookups available to FreePBX users.


The code is removed (or replaced with a “Option suspended due to Google security requirements” message).

Note: I have no axe to grind here, I’m happy wither way, but the current scenario is a bit confusing!


Hi Neil:

Thanks for the update and thanks for the module. Either option will require development be involved, so best to move this conversation to a jira ticket and then link it from here.

Makes sense, done:


Hi. I’m the user that reached out to Neil about the module no longer working correctly because of Google changes. As requested, he created a second post about this issue and linked it to a jira ticket, but then the second post was closed because it was deemed a duplicate. That post was not a duplicate. It was exactly what he was directed to do by @igaetz . That second post is also where he posted all of the pertinent information, so I really think it needs to be reopened. I would sincerely like this feature to work, and while I definitely appreciate everything the FreePBX team does, I don’t think this issue is being addressed the way that it should be by the moderators.

This is the ticket that was closed and should be reopened:

The thread that this reply is in is the one that ought be closed.

Thank you to all parties involved! I am a big fan of FreePBX.

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Thank you @utpharmer, I wasn’t sure what else I could do!

it is definitely a duplicate. Just the second ticket had much more detail than the first.

Hi @lgaetz. Could you please revisit my last post in this thread, follow it to the other thread that was created per your request and that is linked to a jira ticket, reopen it, and then close this thread (the original thread) that this post is in?

Thank you for your assistance!

Development is aware of the issue, regardless of which ticket tracks it.


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