CID Superfecta usage

I have:

I have the CID Superfecta setup as far as sources go.
I can run a Debug/Test Run Scheme and it returns the expected results.

What I can NOT do is figure out how to get it to be used for anything.

I can setup a callerid lookup source on an incoming line but that is not the same as using the CID Superfecta code.

When I setup a callerid lookup source and tell an incoming line to use it, that CID info shows up in the CDR records and I see info about it in the asterisk logs.

I’ve done a
find /etc/asterisk -type f | xargs grep -i super
and don’t find anything that references that.

When a call comes in… my logs show nothing with the string ‘super’ in them.

I am missing the configuration piece that says ‘use’ cid superfecta…

What did I miss?


In the inboiund route, you must disable the CallerID Lookup source, and enable Superfecta.

Thanks… I saw: "CID Lookup Source"
I did NOT see: “Enable Superfecta Lookup”

I would have sworn that was not there when I visited that page before ( mutiple times )

Thanks again