CID Superfecta source module goes missing

(Jeremy Gault) #1

We have a few PBXen that need to query’s CNAM API. There’s not a CID Superfecta module to do this. However, I was able to take one of the existing modules and modify it to use Bandwidth instead. I saved this new module as source-Bandwidth.module, was able to enable it in Superfecta, and all worked well.

However, anytime the CID Superfecta module updates, it seems that this file gets deleted from our PBX entirely. And then CNAM stops working, and users complain.

Of course, I can always scp it back from a backup and things work again.

Has anyone else run into this issue with CID Superfecta, and if so, have you found a fix? It’d be great to not have to have CNAM break and then manually restore the file from backup each time. :slight_smile:

(Lorne Gaetz) #2

You are making modifications to a module, so naturally the modifications will disappear whenever you reinstall or upgrade the module.

How about contributing the code to the project so it’s always there for when you need it, with a side benefit that it allows others to use it as well. Open a ticket at to start the process.

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