CID Superfecta resolves names from private contacts added in Sangoma Phone Desktop

Hello everyone,

we are using CID Superfecta with a rule to resolve names of incoming calls using the FreePBX Contact Manager as a data source. When a users adds a new contact in his account in Sangoma Phone Desktop the name of this contact is resolved for every incoming route. These informations are private and should not apply to all users.
Is there anything to prevent this?

In the contact manager, you can create groups. I dont have the sangoma desktop phone software. Can you choose a CM group? If not, maybe there is an option in the user management.

I am able to change the permissions in the User Management for each user. But these permissions only apply when the user searchs for contacts in Sangoma Phone Desktop.
In the Contact Manager under Private I can see the contact lists from each softphone. But there is no setting to change the permissions of each private contact list.
I think this might be a bug in CID Superfecta. It just access private contact lists from the Contact Manager.

I have created an issue for this problem. This issue got resolved :slight_smile:

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