CID Superfecta question

Hi guys,

Just a general question regarding this CID Superfecta module.

Is it effective to lookup for the CID’s?

And can it help me to combat junk calls. I don’t have issue with them per se but sometimes some pesky sales get through.


Superfecta can do lookups based on caller id to get a name, or a spam rating or both. How well it works will depend on the sources available for the numbers you’re looking up.


can you recommend one for the US?

If you want a CID lookup, you are pretty much going to have to resort to paying for it on every call from your provider.

I don’t know about any quality spam listings those numbers are automatically generated anyway. There is no real point.

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Do they charge for every lookup?

They would obviously like to, and some forbid you caching their results ( go figure how the hell that can be implemented) there is a cost to “dip” the database no matter who you are. Some providers like legit VSP’s absorb that cost, others monetize it . . . .

Many charge it as a separate line item that you can choose not to pay for. I generally did choose to not pay the provider and used OpenCNAM in order to cache results and not perform look ups.

But apparently, Neustar policy to the carriers is that they are not allowed to cache. Now that they own also own Telo (OpenCNAM), I expect to see any place that offered look ups such as OpenCNAM to die out.

By not making it available to anyone except carriers.

There are other ‘authorities’ with less trust and less accuracy but a hell of a lot cheaper as they absorb the subscription over ‘lots of people’ which was then about $15000 a month and even ‘then’ was not truly correct without a horrible daily re-subscription process. (Monopoly, FTC ?)

Can you guys name few of the providers?

CNAM lookup (provides a name associated with a number) and caller reputation lookup (gives a likelihood that call is spam/scam) are two different things.

Many providers have CNAM APIs and/or allow manual lookups from their websites, typically charging $0.003 to $0.01 per lookup. Examples include Twilio, Telnyx and SignalWire. All of these provide a small credit at signup, so you can test without making a payment or supplying any financial info.

Also, many providers supply CNAM on incoming calls. The service may be optional or mandatory. It may be included in the cost of the DID, or billed on a per call or per month basis.

There are also several caller reputation services, though I’m only familiar with TrueCNAM. They have a free tier (limited to 25 lookups per day), so you can evaluate them without a payment.

Got it thanks.

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