CID Superfecta & Opencnam


I have an Opencnam account which I’ve been trying to use with CID Superfecta. Test Run Scheme gives

Executing OpenCNAM
Searching OpenCNAM …
The requested URL returned error: 400 BAD_REQUEST
CNAM not found.

If I remove the Account SID I get an Auth error, so at least it’s connecting.

I don’t get this bad_request.

Is there a problem with the formatted query?


Working for me, but I can get the bad request error if I look up an invaid number.

On Version 14 I had to ensure I had more than one CID source and make OpenCNAM 2nd or greater down on the ‘list’. Then it worked when testing schemes.

Thanks, I’ll try that. If I get opencnam working in the Superfecta do I then remove it from the inbound route and Caller-ID lookup sources? Just leaving it CID Superfecta?

Yes have it on fourth list and still getting error 400 bad request, tried disable and reenable along with reinstall superfecta

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