CID Superfecta not resolving numbers to names in CDR reports

I created a new Scheme in CID Superfecta and enabled “GoogleContacts” I Debug/Test Run the Scheme and it resolves phone numbers to names as expected. I also enabled superfecta Lookup in the inbound route.

My problem is that in CDR reports, incoming calls still show up as numbers, when they should have been showing up as names (if they exist in gmail contacts of course)

Why don’t incoming calls show up as names?

Lorne - Thanks!

I learn more here by accident then else ware by design.


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Are you suggesting that this is a bug?

No. I’m suggesting that if you want assistance from us non-clairvoyants, that you include a call trace.

Apologies. I’ve asked questions in the past and got answers without the requirement of a call trace. I was under the impression that enabling this feature was a standard procedure, so if I outlined the steps I followed, someone might have suggested that I missed a step somewhere in the process. I’ll get on that call trace asap and reply.

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