CID Superfecta not caching - always showing "CID Superfecta!"

Hi everyone… as per the title subject, if I add the CID Superfecta cache to the scheme, it will always show incoming calls as “CID Superfecta!” even though I have OpenCNAM setup in priority to the superfecta cache.

Anyone see this behaviour?

… and is there any way to flush the superfecta cache?

What version of Superfecta are you using?

fwconsole m
truncate asterisk.superfectacache;
ctrl-c to exit


Thanks for the tip.

Tried it and oddly, this is still what comes up as CID name (I’ve removed the phone number):

Mon, May 14 2018 9:59 AM 1526306362.857 “CID Superfecta!” XXXXXXXXXX Dial 1001 NO ANSWER 00:05

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